Paragons Promotion

Featured Bike: In Memory of Grandma

In 2008 Scotty’s grandma passed away from Lukemia after a 22 year battle without a single  complaint he decided the best way way to memorialize her figther spirit was with a rolling reminder of  her quiet strength.

Brace Your Self Kalamazoo Fairgrounds.. the Bikers are Coming!

Kalamazoo Motor Cycle Swap Meet - kalamazoo county fairgrounds Sunday June 27 2010

Paragon has added another show to the 2010 show lineup. Sunday June  27 2010 right in the heart of riding season, We are adding a third event in Kalamazoo at the larger venue of the Kalamazoo County fairgrounds. This new indoor outdoor event will be bigger than any event we have ever held in Kalamazoo. […]

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