Paragons Promotion

Paragons Promotion
10210 shaver Road
Portage, MI 49024
Phone: 1-800-800-6034 or 269-323-9483

Fax: 269-323-9482


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  1. Paragons promotion,

    We enjoyed your site so much that we had to give you a link on our ride & events page I was hoping that you could send us a link back.

    Biker Boot Straps creates, manufactures, and distributes boot straps that hold your pants from flapping in the wind while riding your motorcycle. Our link info is and when you email back I can send you our logo.

  2. What is the dead line for vendor application? and does this include admission for 2?

    Thank you,
    Rick H

  3. Hi,
    Tourstart is a new web site where motorcyclists can share activities, tours and motorcycle clubs. We have just recently finalized the web site, and in this connection we have uploaded some content which represents the functions.

    I have uploaded your “4th of July Motorcycle Swap Meet”. Should you find this inappropriate, the content will be removed immediately. By following the link, you can see what has been uploaded –

    Should you find interesting we invite you to sign up and benefit of the free services we offer.

    Best regards,

    Vadim Suprun

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  4. Convoy is a southside Chicago rock band that would like the opportunity to play at some of the midwest biker events. We have played at many Motorcycle Club sponsored events. Can you tell me if you are looking for bands and who I can contact to send our info?

    Thank you

  5. I wish I would have known that you guys were going to be in town earlier, would have liked to involved Evel Knievel motorcycle exhibit and Knievel Custom Cycles. Would have liked to become involved or help any way I can too. I will be there tomorrow 🙂

  6. Krysten,

    thanks we would love to get you involved for next year or maybe get you involved at one of our other shows!

  7. Please call our main office and tell them you are interesed in performing at our event they will direct you to the correct person.

  8. Is Billy the Exterminator going to be at the 27th Peotone Motorcycle Show & Parts Expo (Indoor & Outdoor Event)?

  9. We are so excited to be a part of this years swap meet and are looking forward to educating people about pitbulls. I have paid the vendor fee already. How many tickets does this include. Does this also include tables in the booths or do we need to provide our own?

  10. is the meet and greet with charlie only through the $100 package? or is there going to be something offered at the event aswell if you only get a day pass.

  11. There will be a public meet and greet with Charlie but expect long lines. the only way to guarantee you will get to meet and greet is to get a VIP ticket which includes a limited private VIP meet and greet. Otherwise we will have as many people get autographs etc as Charlies has time for. One man can only sign so many autographs in an day.

  12. How come there is no early bird for Saturday or Sunday? I have beed driving there every year from 1996 to last year from INDY and always get ther early on Saturday and make a day out of it and hang out there for the weekend.How can I get a early bird for Saturday?

  13. Hartford Bike Fest 2014 is scheduled for June 27, 28, and 29, 2014; whom should we contact about partnering up with Paragon Promotions for this Event? Please contact Jeffery Hill/Owner of Home Grown Concerts; or call 269-420-3498; we look forward to hearing from you!

  14. Do the early bird tickets also include general admission? Or does that need to be bough in addition to the early bird $15 ticket?

  15. I’m not sure that we can come and set up a booth. If there is nothing going on that weekend, then may be we can send a crew. Please check back with us later.

  16. Is there an early bird ticket for the Chicago meet on Sat. Jan 18? & what is the time frame that Theo & Kim will be doing gen admission signings?

  17. I am interested in potentially hosting an event in Lenawee County, MI. Can someone contact me in regards to the process of getting this accomplished?


    Justin Gifford
    Executive Director
    Lenawee County Conference and Visitors Bureau

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